Sherry Yard Partners With Sang Yoon To Open Their Own Helms Bakery

Helms Bakery holds a warm place in the hearts, minds and palates of many Angelenos, so we’re certain you all stood up and took notice when the news broke of the latest partnership here at Helms: that of Chef Sherry Yard (pastry chef extraordinaire and executive within Wolfgang Puck’s empire) and Sang Yoon (of Lukshon and Father’s Office fame). These two legendary chefs have teamed up to bring back the Helms Bakery experience, with classic baked goods, a café and a great cup of joe. The details of the café will take some time to work out, but we’re expecting the delightful doughnut-and-cream-puff-gloriousness of yesterday. It’s said that some items will be available for sale in Father’s Office, Los Angeles prior to the Bakery opening, but we’ll keep you posted when that might be. Stay tuned!