A 75-Year-Old Helms Bakery Cake Comes Home!

A 75-Year-Old Helms Bakery Cake Comes Home!
April 19, 2018 Helms Bakery

Every so often, a kind person brings us a bit of Helms Bakery memorabilia that we lovingly add to our catalogue. This is a special cake, with a truly special story. Thanks to Cory for thinking of us and to her family for sharing this wonderful memory of her grandpa, James C. Doherty. We will find a good cupboard for the cake and keep it safe for the next 75 years!

“My grandfather Jim Doherty received the cake for his 21st birthday. He was shipping out for the war shortly thereafter in 1942, and decided to keep the cake until he returned from the war. His father took the cake back with him to Bishop, CA. He returned near the end of 1944, and the cake was obviously inedible (don’t know if the intention was to actually eat it or just saved for the symbolism of it) but it was in a very well preserved condition. His father had stored the cake in a high cupboard in the kitchen. After my grandfather built his first home in 1951, he stored the cake in a cupboard in one of the bedrooms. He would take it down from time to time to look at and to show his children.

And that is where the cake remained until my grandfather passed away, and the cake was given to me.”

What a wonderful bite of cherished Helms Bakery history. Thanks Cory!

Special thanks to #alquattrocchiphotography for the photo.