Helms Bakery + Saatchi Art Present #PatternPlay

Helms Bakery + Saatchi Art Present #PatternPlay
August 11, 2015 Helms Bakery

Tapping into the design zeitgeist, an obvious and inspiring theme on our campus has emerged: PATTERN. During the month of August, we explore the many patterns found not only in textile, wood and tile motifs inside our showrooms, but also capturing the ways in which pattern accompanies us on our daily travels throughout our community.

In partnership with Saatchi Art, we are excited to present “Pattern Play,” a new exhibition of original art on digital display at the new Helms Design Center located at 8745 Washington Boulevard. Curated by art advisors Katherine Henning and Jessica McQueen, “Pattern Play” features 36 works by emerging artists from around the world who are part of the Saatchi Art community. Including painting, collage, and printmaking, the show highlights patterns and motifs that connect the worlds of art and design.

Beginning at sunset, a slideshow of the “Pattern Play” artwork will project onto the entrance of the Helms Design Center until midnight. #PatternPlay

Jean Pepin Boronelli, Les attraction de Lorenz

James March, Op-Scape