Not Real Art

2021 Grant Winners

NOT REAL ART celebrates artists and empowers their work with unique stories, podcasts, grants, experiences and more. NOT REAL ART takes on the role of art cheerleader, not art critic. Artists have enough critics, they need more cheerleaders!

The NOT REAL ART Grant for Artists is a $12,000 annual award designed to empower the practice of emerging contemporary artists. Launched in 2019, NOT REAL ART doesn’t just give their grant winners money and say goodbye. NOT REAL ART Grant winners get a platform and community to tell their stories and promote their work. The grantees are featured on the NOT REAL ART podcast, showcased on their blog, along with an online virtual art exhibition featuring their work.

From August 13-19, NOT REAL ART proudly partnered with Culver City Arts, Helms Bakery District, and Projecting Possibilities to celebrate its 2021 grant recipients: John Chang, Nadyia Duff, Daniela Garcia, Carmen Mardonez, Natalia Villanueva and Albert Willis.

You can view their exciting work by visiting and watching the video below.

On display at Helms Design Center for one week beginning 8.13.21

Back to Projecting Possibilities

This is our final exhibition week for Projecting Possibilities.

We want to thank all the artists who participated in the grant program over the past year. It has been a wonderful journey. We appreciate the generous support we received from you, our community, and look forward to the upcoming schedule of projected installations on the entrance to the Helms Design Center!

All artwork is copyrighted work of the artist. All rights reserved. Images not to be used without permission.