Revisiting the James Hubbell Exhibition: In Harmony with Nature

Revisiting the James Hubbell Exhibition: In Harmony with Nature
December 29, 2022 Amanda Barnes

We were honored to have the opportunity to present a James Hubbell exhibition this past April through June. The Ilan-Lael Foundation’s team and ours collaborated quickly to highlight Hubbell’s connection to nature through a curated installation of his creations inside the Helms Design Center. Angelenos were exposed to a small but impressive sampling from the Foundation’s collection of poetry, paintings, sculptures, stained glass, hand-carved doors, and architectural models, highlighting Hubbell’s life-long commitment and passion to community, materials, and nature.

James Hubbell is a painter, sculptor and architectural designer who has spent 60 years designing and making buildings, artifacts and fine artworks that reflect a deep passion for the ocean and for earth’s gifts. From Ilan-Lael, his self-made home, workshops and foundation in Julian near San Diego, Hubbell has created schools in concert with the community in Tijuana, an organic chapel at Sea Ranch, and parks that span the cultures of the Pacific Rim.

Hubbell’s vision is the antithesis of rational and industrial. “Most important is my infatuation with nature,” he says. “There is also my love of the primitive and naive, gothic architecture, the arts and craft movement, Frank Lloyd Wright, Gaudi, and the pleasure of working with the material of stone, wood, cement, clay, metal, glass, and mosaics.”

If you are looking for an inspirational, joyful and exhilarating day, book a home tour or enjoy a workshop in Julian with the lovely folks at Ilan-Lael. You may also purchase a book of the exhibition HERE.

Happy 91st Birthday James!