Projecting for Peace: Stand with Ukraine

Projecting for Peace: Stand with Ukraine
May 4, 2022 Jeff Smith

The next in our series of Projecting for Peace takes us through a series of compelling images organized in a partnership between Ukrainian association of Graphic Designers The 4th Block and Ukranian-born graphic designer, educator, and entrepreneur Olga Severina of Poster Territory. This international poster call initiative presents “Stand with Ukraine”, a way to organize the design community, highlighting strength and unity in the struggle for human rights, freedom, and peace.

The program kicks off on Sunday April 24th through June 18th with a powerful installation of poster art. These images may be viewed from sunset until 2:00 am on the entrance of the Helms Design Center at 8745 Washington Boulevard, projecting out for street-side viewing. We will provide ongoing updates with ways you can help the people of Ukraine.


How to Help Ukraine

“When I created this project I wanted to share beauty with the world. I wanted to give the poster a voice because I’ve always believed that great art has the power to change the world. Today, the people of Ukraine need a voice. It needs many voices. We cannot stay quiet and let the atrocities continue. I want to speak out. And I want to help.”
– Olga Severina, PosterTerritory Founder


Buy Merch in Support of Ukraine

This amazing collection is made with artworks from an open-ended Stand with Ukraine poster campaign. We’ve invited socially responsible designers to express their views on this war and they were incredibly gracious to allow us to share their art and help raise money to support Ukrainian refugees. This project has been organized by The 4th Block Association in Ukraine and PosterTerritory USA and couldn’t have happened with our international design family and its support. All profit from these sales will go to support displaced mothers, kids, and the elderly, who are the innocent victims of this brutal and senseless conflict.