Alexey Steele

I always believed that Art has a special role in the life of society. The crisis does not make this role diminish, the crisis amplifies the social role of art.

“This crisis proved for me everything I believed all along. Art is a social necessity. Art is a means of human survival. Personal expression of love for one’s neighbor is a remarkable source of inspiration and unity. The special place of art becomes even more special at the times of crisis. Art opens windows of hope and confronts fear and fear is a debilitating factor in the emergency. Fear takes over when hope that we ever recover is lost. To ever recover we have to have hope.

Art has a unique ability to help replace fear with hope and to reinforce hope with certainty that despite all difficulties we will persevere. We will make through it. We will recover.

Now is the time to show what art is truly there for in a society. Now is a great time to be an artist.

We will make through this crisis, no matter how hard it is. We will come out of this crisis better than we ever were before. As the child named Emmanuel wrote on his artwork for our program ‘Good Days Ahead.'”

– Alexey Steele

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On display at Helms Design Center for one week beginning 5.22.20

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Installation views of Alexey’s artwork.

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