Christine Rasmussen

“My paintings remind us that we can be alone yet not lonely. Paying attention in the present moment can reveal unexpected wonders and connections.”

About Christine

Christine Rasmussen is an American artist raised in Pakistan, Vietnam and the United States. Now based in Los Angeles, Rasmussen earned a B.A. from U.C. Berkeley in Art Practice and Peace & Conflict Studies. Christine has exhibited in multiple juried exhibitions, including recently at George Billis Gallery LA, LAUNCH LA and the Brand Art Center, and her work has been featured in numerous publications. She was awarded a Chalk Hill Artist Residency and commission for the prestigious Artist Label Program at Imagery Estate Winery. Her work features in the Hilbert Museum of California Art and private collections worldwide.

“As a painter I investigate the in-between, depicting cityscapes that hover between familiarity and imagination. In observing these urban spaces devoid of people, I play with themes of belonging versus aloneness; memory versus daydream; and narrative versus abstraction. The “story” continues off the canvas, letting the viewer’s imagination step in.

These themes interest me as a global nomad who has often found myself hovering between multiple cultures, time zones, languages and identities. Close observation of my surroundings in every city I encounter reveals recurring materials, shadows or shapes that I paint as symbols of our shared humanity across perceived differences. Through capturing these commonalities – the wondrous details of banal urban environments – in my paintings, I explore the many complexities and multiple identities of our rich inner lives.

Working from my own reference photos, I intentionally flatten spaces, play with bold color palettes and amplify specific details to create dreamlike environments and mood atmospheres. The viewer fills in the rest with their own experiences or imaginings.”

– Christine Rasmussen

On display for one week beginning 6.11.21
Helms Design Center at 8745 Washington Boulevard 

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