Iona Green

I have always been in love with the ephemeral quality of painting. It holds space for transformation, storytelling and re-imagining.

About Iona

Iona Green is a visual artist from Chatham, NY, a rural town in the Hudson River Valley. She currently lives and works in Los Angeles, CA. Iona is a painter primarily, although she enjoys playing with many mediums including drawing, photography, printmaking, and embroidery. Her work explores landscape, dreamscape, memory, imagination, and relationship to the earth. Iona takes inspiration from her experiences, using the practice of making as a means of digesting the world around her. She focuses on earth health, human connection to place, and intimate storytelling.

“In 2019 I moved from rural New York, an environment filled with plants, animals and sparse human traces, to Los Angeles, a city full of infrastructure and human life. Exploring and getting to know LA on a deeper level has been a chaotic and delightful sensory dream which has become synthesized into my painting and art practice. There is such material abundance in the city, an overflow of objects spilling out onto the streets. Particularly inspiring to me were the discarded wooden doors I began to find on curbsides all around LA. They became perfect canvases, transformed by paint into dreamscape portals. During my time here I have also been gifted a series of cow skulls from a ranch up in the San Joaquin Valley. These have become intimate paintings inspired by driving around the state and witnessing a multitude of new landscapes. The process of working on these two series has provided a path to get to know some of the many of the creatures and environments that exist along this western coast. In this project, images of the skulls and doors are collaged into real and imagined California scenery.

As my focus around ecology and relationship with the land deepens, I am beginning to explore the art of earth pigment foraging. This is an age old process and practice of transforming minerals into paint. I have used various pigments collected around California in this project as well.”

– Iona Green

On display for one week beginning 10.23.20
Helms Design Center at 8745 Washington Boulevard 

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