James Lane

I am exploring the nature of photography through the photography of nature.

About James

Artist and photographer James R. Lane is a lifelong Angeleno, and still lives in the neighborhood in which he grew up. After graduating from UCLA with a B.S. in Communications, Lane started out as a technical writer. He parlayed that into a career as a screenwriter, worked in distribution in the film industry, and wrote and edited non-fiction books.

Throughout, he pursued photography. He was first taught in the darkroom by his aunt when he was 14. The image development/manipulation process totally captivated his imagination…more so than the actual taking of a photograph.

An early adopter of emerging technologies, Lane’s practice is driven by expanding the experience of photographic work with the use of depth, translucency, and texture.

He is currently a member of the Los Angeles Art Association and TAG Gallery..

“Ever since I was first taught to do so at age 14, I’ve always been captivated by the magic that comes from printing photos in the darkroom – the mystery resulting from exposing a blank piece of photo paper to light and creating something more. I’m driven by visualizing an image in my mind’s eye, and working to make it take life and substance on the paper. When that happens, when the visualization is matched in the print, I feel exhilaration. And, I love the reward of utter surprise and delight when what appears is beyond what was imagined, and something much, much better comes into existence.

I use three principal techniques that fall under the heading of complex photography – Bas Relief Photography, Tissue Paper Photography and Acid-Washed Photography.

My practice is defined by bringing each of my pieces beyond the ‘flat image on a two-dimensional plane.’ That is the limitation that comes with traditional photography, and that is why I am always looking for ‘more.'”

– James Lane


On display for one week beginning 3.19.21
Helms Design Center at 8745 Washington Boulevard 

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