Jared Schwartz

“Make things that make the world better, never worse.”

About Jared

“Art is my way of exploring the varied landscapes of our minds. How do we navigate our thoughts and feelings, and how do they affect our courses of action? As we move through our days, we encounter situations that invoke a vast array of emotions and responses: sentimentality, risk, avoidance, pride, poignancy, regret, ritual, pain, impatience…

I use my art as a way to notice the space between signal and response. In that space is an infinity of lessons we can learn about our own behavior, and when we become more aware of how and why we do what we do, we can better understand humanity and empathize with others. The interplay between introspection, our environment, and interconnectedness inform much of my work.”

– Jared Schwartz


On display for one week beginning 4.9.21
Helms Design Center at 8745 Washington Boulevard 

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