Mandy Palasik

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Art is an extension of my work as an architect, liberated and emotional.

About Mandy

Mandy Palasik is a designer living in Los Angeles, CA. She received a Master of Architecture from the Architectural Association with a focus on Housing + Urbanism and a Bachelor of Architecture from Kennesaw State University. As a practicing architect and contributor at, she covers all things art and design. Her interests lie in equitable community development and the domestic realm, with work manifesting in various scales and formations ranging from public art installations to affordable housing.

“As an architect, writer, and artist, my multidisciplinary work begins with a concept – a story. I am intrigued and inspired by the space that surrounds us and the preconceived notions, implied boundaries, and collective memories associated with physical constructs. My narrative is composed of evolving explorations of scale, medium, and material that combine the tectonics of architecture and craft to challenge these conventions.

My installation work is a manifestation of my architectural practice, where I am interested in creating heterotopia-like structures through manipulations of light, transparency, scale, and depth. Intimately scaled for human interaction, I encourage my audience to reflect on their experiences, thereby questioning their perceptions of and within the space. I have evolved these spatial investigations through multimedia explorations such as videography, sculpture, 3-D renderings, and drawings. I strive to create art that is nostalgic and vaguely recognizable, yet transcends into an alternate and unknown realm – a brief escape from reality.”

– Mandy Palasik

On display at Helms Design Center for one week beginning 7.31.20

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