Sarah Stone

Life is a strange and beautiful place.

About Sarah

During quarantine, physical shopping and shipping, have placed demands on acquiring materials, limiting some of the avenues of creativity. With fewer physical materials, and to elevate her thinking beyond the daily news and statistics, Sarah explored mandala patterns as a way to generate positive thoughts and actions. Turning her paintings into digital collages, she layered and reconfigured each image until it had a rhythm that felt right. Sarah describes the process as being “very Zen-like”. While working, she listened to Laurie Anderson’s Bardo, Fripp and Eno, and Steve Reich’s Drumming, which influenced her designs. The resulting mirror/collage compositions are alternately peaceful, exciting and thought provoking. Sarah’s paintings and digital artworks are currently on view in galleries in LA, Portland, and Seattle, and will be featured in iō Literary Journal.

“I paint to express my feelings about vulnerability, impermanence, and Bardo, the intermediate states of repose along an endless journey of transition. My subjects are often mythical, pulled from the land of dreams. In this series I used my paintings as templates for digital collages, following the Taoist principle of flow to allow the patterns to appear organically. Each collage is a meditative source for focused contemplation, and a subliminal connection to our collective ancestral memories.”

–Sarah Stone

On display for one week beginning 11.6.20
Helms Design Center at 8745 Washington Boulevard 

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