Victoria Sebanz

The adventures and battles we perceive are of mind, body and spirit. May they be gently “fought” and won with ease and grace.

About Victoria

Victoria Sebanz is a muti-faceted artist  expressing herself through poetry, photography, dance, installation, mixed media and painted works. Born in Wisconsin, Victoria moved to Los Angeles where she attended California State University Los Angeles and earned dual Bachelors in Art and Dance as well as a Masters in Interdisciplinary Arts Education. She has been recognized for her mural work at the Edelmann Children’s Court where she received the “Volunteer of the Year Award” from the City of Los Angeles. She has been nominated for the Disney Excellence in Teaching Award twice. Her mixed media and photographic works have been exhibited and sold through local galleries for 20 years. Her work has continuous threads reflecting on her love of movement, her NDE and spirituality, feminism and indigenous wisdom. Twice a year she opens her gallery to the public during the downtown Brewery Artwalk in the world’s largest art colony.

“I have been on a spiritual path my whole life, even more so when I died on the table at 17. Truly it isn’t all it seems, at 17, and I have been like a time traveler, collecting fragmented memories of my own and others through the gathering of thoughts (poetry), objects (wood, feathers, bones, wire and images) and making sketches of incidents and synchronicities which become paintings, drawings and mixed media works.

I have taken these fragmented memories, molecular shifts and peeks beyond the veil and have happily grounded myself through dance especially, and that love of movement resonates in the mostly figurative works I create.

My passion is still that of a dancer exploring the language and love of movement. I am still the young girl creating conceptual and perceptual installations. I am most at home building whole environments in which people can move, like the billowing ocean floor I created at CSULA or the forest of dancing bodies I choreographed and performed at USC.

I embrace the world of all things Burning Man, the Renaissance movement of our time. The ripples of creativity, community, innovation and intentionality inspire people all over the world.

I resonate most with Georgia O’Keefe, Rachel Rosenthal, Martha Graham, Frida Kahlo and Sandy Skoglund. However my indigenous roots call me above all else, and regalia beads, feathers and symbolism have a home in my work. I know that the wisdom of the ancients is necessary for us to both honor all sentient beings, and for us to evolve.

In my Venus series I continue to explore and assemble the textures and materials that by being placed in body pieces become a part of my own somatic memory. I have embedded crystals, feathers, butterflies, metal rods and organic material in body molds.

Whatever concept I address – the politics of the body, our ability to transcend the perceived limitations of ourselves and the 3D world, respecting all living beings and the paranormal/spirituality – deserve exploration in various ways.

As a dancer the work is ritual, ephemeral and never the same way twice. I am a conduit and I am a bridge spanning the ether and everyday worlds. I explore both the language of art and dance -texture, line, shape, composition space and movement. I introduce a thought and embrace the journey it takes and delight in final destination, no mater how unexpected.”

– Victoria Sebanz

On display thru 12.10.20
Helms Design Center at 8745 Washington Boulevard 

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