The Chance to Paint Each Other Gold: Art Exhibition + Documentary Premiere of “Ink & Linda”

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The Chance to Paint Each Other Gold: Art Exhibition + Documentary Premiere of “Ink & Linda”

March 5, 2022 - March 13, 2022

Inside the Helms Design Center
8745 Washington Boulevard, Suite A, Culver City
March 5th, 6th, 11th, 12th, and 13th

March 5th and 6th are SOLD OUT but please join us for one of the other three nights.

Join us for The Chance to Paint Each Other Gold, a multi-layered experience centered around an installation of the shared street art and subsequent wall art created by Inksap–a theater in which to experience the world premiere of Stuart C. Paul‘s new documentary Ink & Linda followed by Q&A and a live and intimate demonstration revealing Inksap and Lack’s artistic process.

Ink & Linda is a feature-length documentary chronicling the unexpected friendship and collaboration between Inksap, a Vietnamese American Urban Street Artist in his 20s, and Linda, an elder stateswoman of the modern dance scene in her 70s–as they team up to form L.A.’s most unlikely street art duo. They are the epitome of artists cross-pollinating one another. Defying the boundaries between generations and cultures, their story challenges the conventions of art and society, exploring what it means to be an artist in today’s world. Linda and Inksap’s origin story is a romance, but their relationship is not romantic; it is a tale of two outsiders from different worlds who found meaning within one another, breeding a new consciousness of meaning for art and themselves.

This event has limited seating – TICKETS ARE REQUIRED. If the evening you select is sold out, we will have a “waitlist” and release tickets when they become available prior to the event night. We welcome you to join us for the entire evening. This is a multi-layered experience. You may view, purchase, and enjoy The Art at your leisure.


Let’s stay safe! According the the most current L.A. County COVID guidelines for indoor events, all guests are required to provide proof of vaccination and must wear a mask. Thank you for helping us to continue to host in-person events. Updated information will be sent with your Eventbrite Ticket reminder the day before the event.


Linda Lack Ph.D., artist and scholar, has dedicated her life and work to the study of the human body, movement — breath — and their relationship to creativity, healing, and spiritually. She is a dancer, a movement therapist/specialist, educator, ritualist, performer, and lecturer. Lack has focused on targeting injury resolution, resolving chronic pain, deterring the effects of aging and using structured movement for transforming the outcomes of emotional and physical disease. She is an expert in the analysis of movement problems for both untrained novices and highly-trained clients.

Lack has also been the primary soloist and choreographer of the masked-dance rituals she performed both on stages and in the wilderness with her company, Two-Snake Dance and Design. She is an Arts-Based researcher in the academic community. Lack has been funded and acknowledged by the Rockefeller Foundation, National Endowment for the Arts, California Arts Council, Samadha International Healing Awards, Los Angeles Area Dance Alliance Awards for Innovative Choreography, and a LACE award for her life’s work, elucidating the role of spirituality in Body Movement.

Lack has simultaneously spent 50 years developing The Thinking Body – The Feeling Mind®, a technique taught and practiced at her studio in Los Angeles and now in Malaysia, Australia, Europe, Israel, Central America, Mexico and throughout the U.S. The Thinking Body-The Feeling Mind® is a movement modality/training that is interdisciplinary, explorative, and simultaneously scientific — a contemporary healing, maintenance, and body sustainability technique. TBFM® has been recognized alongside Pilates, Feldenkrais, Bartenieff and Alexander Technique as a contemporary movement training/healing method. Students using the technique have been accepted into diverse programs such as Alvin Ailey II, Cirque du Soleil, North Carolina School of Performing Arts, Julliard, the graduate program at San Francisco Institute of Psychology, and Goddard.

Lack has introduced TBFM® to various communities such as The Congress on Research for Dance; The International Association of Yoga Therapists; and The Fundación Santa Fe de Bogota Columbia, one of the most prestigious health organizations in Latin America; Suny Purchase Dance Department N.Y., and Bill Evan’s Dance Intensives.

Currently, Lack and the artist known as INKSAP collaborate on Project Us — “The Chance to Paint Each Other Gold”. They are performance artists. Her movement is captured by INKSAP for Street Art, Wall Art, and their Performance Art. Ink & Linda, the documentary by Stu Paul, depicts the unlikely story of these two artists accidently thrown together. For more information on Linda Lack, Ph.D., visit


Brandon Lam (b. 1994) — who is widely recognized as INKSAP— creates works of art that can be found on the streets and in galleries. His art melds cultures and patterns, life drawings and screen printed images of people in his life, creating a repertoire of works he installs outside. While each installed piece is vulnerable to alterations from the world, Lam acknowledges and welcomes these changes. He believes art is a living object that should be subjected to external variations.

His debut work titled Xuanha features a young girl wearing a face mask and carrying a tree in her backpack. This image — which was burned into a silkscreen and then printed onto paper — has been installed in numerous urban settings. Installing art in the streets since 2015, he has been invited to partake in artistic events and projects around the world. Discovering that the streets provided a public platform that anyone could access, his work developed into large outdoor murals and site-specific art installations.

“I found the streets a more interesting, vital canvas than the walls of a studio,” Lam says. “Art is unexpected outside. We have been taught that great work only exists in private spaces. My work bridges the gap between how art should be presented versus art being accessible. This, in turn, gives viewers from all levels of society the ability to bring the work to life.”

As his work matures, so do his theories for site-specific art. For him, artwork should not overpower an urban environment. Instead, the artwork should embrace the public space to create a seamless cohabitation.

“One of the most difficult practices as an artist is disconnecting oneself after the work has been completed,” Lam points out. “Typically we commit to the work with full emotion, expecting that feeling to stay. A visual work comes alive after its completion; it has a life of its own. There comes a time when one must let go. I find myself inspired by the discomfort, and I now celebrate its presence in my process.”


Stuart C. Paul is a screenwriter and filmmaker based in Los Angeles. A graduate of the University of Southern California School of Cinema-Television, he is known for his ability to elevate whatever genre he is working in, bringing his unique blend of intelligence, point-of-view and character depth to each project he undertakes.

Ink and Linda is his first documentary feature. Previously, he wrote and directed the award-winning comedy short The Lord Of Catan. Starring Amy Acker and Fran Kranz, the film tells the cautionary tale of a married couple whose game night plunges them into a vortex of madness and destruction.

He is currently in pre-production on A Boy Called Lee, which explores the issues of juvenile justice, truancy and gun violence through the lens of Lee Harvey Oswald’s time spent in a New York juvenile psychiatric facility. He is also at work on Infernal, a feature-length horror film that examines the concept of the devil through the lens of self-actualization and mental health.

As a screenwriter, he has worked with acclaimed directors across many different genres, including Takashi Miike, Anton Corbijn and Roland Emmerich. He has sold projects to companies all across Hollywood including MGM, Universal, NBC, STX and more. His original screenplay Yasuke was included on the 2021 Black List, the film industry’s annual honor roll of the most acclaimed unproduced film scripts of the year.

Also an acclaimed comic creator, his graphic novel Ides Of Blood, which reimagines the assassination of Julius Caesar by vampires, was published by DC Comics. The series was nominated for three CBG Fan Awards, including Best Writer.

In his spare time, he practices Japanese swordsmanship and takes his cat on hikes.

He is represented by Paradigm and Circle of Confusion.


March 5, 2022
March 13, 2022
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Helms Design Center
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