Andrew Chittenden

Machine vision lets us view the world around us from a new perspective—to experience its spatial complexity in new and unexpected ways, and to better reconstitute it upon our return.

About Andrew

Andrew Chittenden is a multimedia artist, researcher and educator working in Los Angeles. He holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Art from Yale University and a Masters in Architecture with distinction from SCI-Arc. His work has been exhibited at Hauser & Wirth and published in a variety of architecture journals. His experimental animation and video work, as well as his teaching work in the field of architecture, have centered on interface, custom software and technology, 3D digital processing, and the complex interaction of physical and digital spaces in contemporary architectural practice. He has also published research on homelessness and housing policy in Los Angeles.

“Spatial experience has been at the center of my explorations in animation, video and architecture. Space defies simple representation, yet is the core of both our mental processes and our lived experience. While we are well equipped to process and articulate our experiences at the scale of a room or a house, our vocabulary breaks down at the scale of larger buildings and cities. The vast expanse threatens to swallow us and our thoughts whole. Urban-scale problems, like homelessness, systemic racism, and affordability, leap from unfathomable to insurmountable.

As new digital technologies begin to blur digital and physical realities, we open the door to a labyrinth, where yet further layers of reality lurk behind every screen, object and device. Our ability to intuitively grasp, process and visualize these new layers of information at previously unimaginable scales will profoundly affect our ability to enact change and collaboratively construct our desired future. These new digital tools can help us see the world around us in a new, insightful way.

In my animation work, I experiment with representing, processing and manipulating these labyrinthine spaces, and work to develop vocabularies, interfaces and processes for both interpreting and reshaping the ever-expanding and ever-changing world around us..”

– Andrew Chittenden

On display at Helms Design Center for one week beginning 9.25.20

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