Richelle Gribble

“Art is my tool to reflect the times and inform future visions. I am inspired by the potential for art to shape the ways we think about the world — how is it experienced, visualized, created, and altered. This provides opportunities to show what others do not see, reflecting the micro and macro views of the world, shifting to newfound perspectives to elaborate our own.

To me, art is a core practice to advocate for the environment and social justice by offering new ways of seeing to build greater awareness of the biodiversity of our home planet. Like viewing through the lens of a microscope or looking up at the stars, there are infinite complexities hidden in the world around us. This is the power of art: it captures what might be overlooked, combines various viewpoints, and ultimately connects us to see and think in new ways.”

About Richelle

Richelle Gribble is a mixed media artist exploring planetary connectivity. Her work explores connectivity in a world where human impact, technology, and the environment collide. She is represented by JONATHAN FERRARA GALLERY exhibiting worldwide. She has had solo shows in Los Angeles, New York, Japan, and international orbit around Earth etched on satellites and aboard rockets. She has exhibited at renowned art fairs including Art Market San Francisco, Texas Contemporary, Miami Project, Spring Break Art Show, and had her artwork illuminated on a LED screen in Times Square NYC. Work presented in TEDx talk “What is our role within a Networked Society?” and published in VICE, The Atlantic, The Creator’s Project, Artillery Magazine, LA Weekly and more.

“I explore life at all levels of living systems – organisms, social systems, and ecosystems – to examine and promote our interdependence. Under closer scrutiny, neural-like nodes of connectivity reveal themselves as even smaller networks. By visually revealing structural patterns and characteristics  within cross-disciplinary and embedded networks, the blending of distinct social, biological, and technological systems form one integrated whole – the Earth. My work has evolved from comparing networks (molecular systems, social networks, neural pathways, freeways systems) to deep analyses of their interactions. How does connectivity, for better or for worse, influence our lives and our future?”

– Richelle Gribble

On display at Helms Design Center for one week beginning 9.18.20

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