Kim Marra

“The world’s chaos has a way of making us feel small and helpless; sometimes the only thing left to do is take it in and make art.”

About Kim

Kim Marra is a native New Yorker. After graduating from SUNY New Paltz with a BFA in Painting, Kim spent three years living in New York City before relocating to Los Angeles in 2016. She has exhibited both nationally and internationally, and has been featured in several publications. In 2018, Kim began curating and has produced four successful exhibitions around the Los Angeles area. In 2019, Kim helped co-found the artist collective Museum Adjacent. Kim’s bold, geometric oil paintings are a visual diary of the places she’s interacted with.

“I create bold geometric oil paintings that collage elements from my present surroundings and childhood home, finding visual overlap in the memories and feelings these places recall for me. I paint representations of surfaces like wood grain and concrete to allow the viewer entry to the work with universally recognizable textures. I use motifs of patterned fabric to create form and space while evoking a sense of comfort and domesticity. By living in the realm between abstraction and representation, the shapes and colors housed within each composition interact to elicit the illusion of space in an abstract reality.”

– Kim Marra

On display for one week beginning 7.9.21
Helms Design Center at 8745 Washington Boulevard 

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