Liberty Worth

Textiles hold onto something that is intrinsic – they always seem to have a measure of caring for another involved – something that paint or paper cannot hold. There is an emotional connection there that I am trying to keep, to stay connected to the people who were initially a part of the fabric’s story and also to be a part of its continuing story.

About Liberty

Liberty Worth is an artist, quilter, designer, teacher and poet. For Liberty, art and creating are a way of life – helping us make sense of the world – it’s beauty and pain – and enabling us to take part in the act of creation. Liberty graduated from Pepperdine University with a major in Fine Art, spent years as a textile designer in the Interiors industry and continued her art education over the years at The Art Institute of Chicago and Art Center. Liberty teaches workshops and lessons in mixed media, meditation and healing through art, sewing and quilting. She is a native Los Angeleno living in the heart of the city in an old home surrounded by her husband, kids, pets and beloved neighbors.

“I am a fiber artist, painting images with thread and fabric. Though I use traditional techniques associated with “women’s work” and quilting, my pieces are paintings. They call to mind the questions of usefulness and the balance between high and low art as I ask the viewer to step into this tension.

I’m drawn in by the meditative and spontaneous process of my work and it’s in the quiet space of flow that I find moments of pause, depth and introspection that lead to new spaces and imaginings. The sense of time spent and paused is evident in my work and I invite my viewer to enter into this as well, bringing their own memories as they lean in.

I use traditional and non-traditional quilting techniques to create a collaged painting that is both labor intensive and spontaneous.

I am a collector. Of memories and adventures, of images, colors, patterns and words. Whether captured within my mixed media collages or my paintings made of textiles I’ve collected, a viewer will find mixes of pattern, sentimental ephemera, and a large measure of spontaneity and passion. Each of us create from a collection of our experiences, histories & passions. Each part of who we are and have been has an effect on what we are today. I have a joy in the meditative and healing properties of art that I infuse into all of my work. I believe art can heal and be a part of our renewal and my pieces echo with the flow of quiet moments of creating.”

–Liberty Worth

On display at Helms Design Center for one week beginning 8.14.20

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