Monica Lloyd

“I am using the process of collage as an attempt to sift through the chaos of our current world, and to see what new little worlds I can create from its fragments.”

About Monica

Monica Lloyd is an artist and textile designer working in Los Angeles. Her work explores ideas of pattern and repetition through drawing, collage, and textiles. Lloyd graduated from Grand Valley State University with a Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree in 2013, and has shown her work in Michigan, Indiana, and California.

“In my current collages I work with discarded papers that I’ve found and collected. I am curious about the way these mundane papers become remnants of my daily life – small pieces separate from the whole. This process of collecting scraps has led me to think about fragmentation. In our current world we are constantly bombarded by images, ads, news, memes, social media, ideas, opinions, texts, emails. All of these are fragments, separated from the whole story, without roots or context. Throughout the day we consume a multitude of these fragments that fill our minds with a confusing collage of information. I’ve come to notice how it impacts me, making me distracted and frenetic.

I use the collage process as an attempt to resist this chaos. I create small drawings and patterns on my scrap papers, then cut, rip, and glue, sometimes layering. I work intuitively, letting the materials determine the direction of each piece. These small physical fragments of my life are brought back together to create a whole in a new form. I hope for my viewer to take time with these pieces and notice the fragments that have been woven together to create these new little worlds.”

– Monica Lloyd

On display for one week beginning 6.25.21
Helms Design Center at 8745 Washington Boulevard 

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