To Our Friends – Stay Safe, Stay Curious

To Our Friends – Stay Safe, Stay Curious
March 28, 2020 Helms Bakery

We Are Here For You!

As we shelter in place and brace for the unknown outcome of COVID-19, we all hope that you and your families are safe and well. Although our management office is closed to the public, we are still on site cleaning, sanitizing, and supporting our businesses and restaurants in every way possible.

If you’re anything like our team members (design, food, and culture junkies), I’m sure you are looking for creative ways to stay engaged, entertained, and most importantly, positive through the challenging days ahead. Our newsletter is here to bring you not only Helms Bakery updates, but shortcuts to feed the art, architecture, and design monster in you, plus a few fun and quirky things for those moments when you’re craving a little distraction. And please…everyone should fight the urge to cut your own hair!

Your Safety Is Our Priority

Many of our showrooms are temporarily closed due to COVID-19, so please check the individual website pages for ways you can stay in touch, make inquiries, get design inspiration, or place an order online. Our restaurants – La Dijonaise, Father’s Office, and Pasta Sisters – continue to provide the valuable service of food pickup and delivery to our customers and community. Your support and orders are very much appreciated! At this time, all our public events are postponed until a future date, but we are working on ways to bring you digital content from many of our partners. Stay tuned!

For now, we are together in this fight. Please stay safe, stay strong, and we will all see each other soon. We will check in from time to time, sending you words of support and encouragement to help weather this storm.

Sincere and warmest regards,
The Helms Bakery Team

Illustration by Nancy Nimoy

Home office inspiration from Vitra

Your continued HEALTH & WELLNESS matter the most: Baking, Meal Prep, Environment, Virtual Travel, Stress Relief, Yoga, Blue Zone, Mariposa Ranch, Musical Healing.

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